Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Beginning!

 So it turns out that I haven't been using my blog for almost 1 year now! Ouch! :( That's not very good or pretty terrible should I say.  I am very sorry to have let down for so long all of you who have been reading my posts! 

 Today, I decided that I was no longer letting this happen and starting now, I am reviving my blog! Yes I am still a photographer and things have been going well for me despite my absence on Blogger....

 Now it's time to catch up and show you what I have been up to for the last year! 

Some fashion....

Some fitness....

Some Weddings...

More Weddings...

And more fashion...

Some boudoirs...

Some Babies...

And some family/maternity....

  I am glad that we got to catch up a little! Now you know what I have been up to and I promise it won't be a year before I update you on all my new upcoming projects! ;)

Saturday, May 12, 2012


 Graham & Geneviève's WeddingNot too long ago, I had the chance to photograph the wedding of one of the sweetest couple, Graham & Geneviève. Their wedding was filled with charm.  It was small and casual but had so much style to it. It took place at the Laurel Point in Victoria. There they had an incredible Japanese garden and as an early spring wedding, all the flowers and cherry blossoms were coming out of every tree adding to the already stunning scenery.

 Geneviève had her makeup done for that special day by a fantastic local makeup artist: Melanie Baird She did a soft look on her to compliment her beautiful fair skin and long lashes.

 When I sat down with Geneviève and Graham prior to the wedding to talk about the details, I had asked her what are the most important moments that she would like to see in her photos and one of them was the "getting ready part". I was really happy that she mentioned that as I love to capture the brides and grooms to be, getting ready. I find there is something magical about it. It's almost like when you go on holidays, that moment where you are finishing to pack your luggage and you know that you are just about to leave for your trip. That excitement and joy that quietly runs all the way through you.

I love the uniqueness of the accessories that the bride had picked up. Her blue lace up shoes were so adorable and suits her lovely style so well.

Geneviève's beautiful engagement ring.

 This photo of Graham on the left side is one of my favourite. He was trying to do is bowtie up but had a little difficulty. No need to say that he needed a little help for that one!

 Before the ceremony, I took Geneviève and Graham in the Japanese garden at the  back of the hotel for a small photo session. I wasn't the nicest day out but this grey overcast day and the Japanese garden were in a way kind of made for each other. Fortunately, there was a lot of covered area surrounding the gardens and the little drizzling of fresh spring rain made us have fun with the ombrellas!

 The ceremony took place in the hotel gazebo by the water. Perfect for this little intimate wedding.

The  bands.

            On their way to their gathering...

 At Last, the newly weds got to enjoy some time with their close family and friends in their luxurious suite. Some crystal flutes and organic Cipes Rose Sparkling for a joyful gathering before dinner.

The End...

Monday, January 30, 2012


 A few days ago, I posted about the Wedding in Mexico. It was beautiful, it was fabulous and a wonderful wedding all together but sadly, a couple of important people were not able to make it to the wedding. So after we got back to Canada, I offered my bride and groom to do a mini photo shoot with those loved ones and make it just like if it was the their wedding day all over we did. They were really happy!! I chose to do this photo shoot at the Prestige Hotel in Sooke,  knowing that this 5 star establishment would offer great opportunity for beautiful images.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


 Virginia & Barry's Wedding.  Just before Christmas, I photographed my first destination wedding in Mexico. The wedding was purely simple and beautiful. The ceremony was on the beach, overlooking the warm turquoise water of the ocean. This amazing day filled with the most beautiful emotions and exotic scenery of flowers, palm trees and Mexican architecture was everything a wedding photographer could dream of.

                      Loeffler Randall designer shoes, handmade orchid and soft-water pearls to complement the bride's dress.

 The dress that fit Virginia like a glove...

                                                             The last little touches before putting her dress on.....and see her husband to be's sparkly eyes!!

Barry proudly getting ready and looking handsome.

When I walked into the bride's room the day of the wedding, her friend and maid of honour had put all of Virginia's jewellery together in one corner and had organized all of her makeup together on top of the coffee table. I was touched to see Virginia's friend caring about keeping everything together and organized for Virginia, making sure her friend doesn't have to look for anything the day of her wedding.

One of the thing I like the most about photographing Virginia and Barry's wedding in Mexico was all the bright saturated colours of everything around; the bluest sky, the greenest plants, the most colourful walls and buildings...

This was the very moment just before the first look. I thought I would bring some Italian feel into the Mexican decor and chose to do the first look under this beautiful Italian looking arch that was right by the hotel. It was also such a romantic place, perfect for a first look.

                                                                                                                     ... and the first kiss!!

                                                                                                  ...I love the way they look into each other's eyes.

 The ceremony was beautiful and filled with emotions. It was near the end of the afternoon and the sun was slowly moving down. The air was nice and warm and there was a breeze gently moving the branches of the tall palm trees. The smell of the salt in the air, the fine sand, the blue-aqua water....

                                                                                                   Maid of honour, Bride, Groom and Best man

The photo on the left I find is very special. There were two pelican flying over  Virginia and Barry at the moment I took the photo. Just when they got right on top of the scene, it almost seemed like they slowed down and took a moment to look down, almost like they were admiring the scene from above.

                                                                                                                 Bravo!!! Bravo!!! Bravo!!!

                                                                                                                         ....and they were married!!


 The Night of the wedding was filled with the Mexican sound of the mariachi band that Virginia and Barry had hired for the wedding. It was festive and certainly made you want to dance all night.

                 I took this photo of these rustic hats and saxophone that belong to the mariachi band, before the ceremony started. They had been put down on the edge of a stone wall near where the beach and caught my eyes.

      The first dance...everyone is happily watching.

                                                                                                                              Mariachi band.

                                                                                                                             The End...